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We depend on a diverse group of foundations, businesses and individual donors to make our work possible. There are many different ways to support our work now and create a lasting legacy for the future!

Donate Online:

Donate by direct funds transfer or PayPal, or become a monthly sustainer (we’ll send you a FREE tote bag when you sign up!).

Donate by Check:

Simply send a check to: Creative Solutions for the Environment, P.O Box 31432, Lilongwe.

Or simply drop it off at Pa Mthunzi Lounge, Area 49 Sector 2, Lilongwe.

Donate In Someone’s Honor: 

Donate by credit card. Check the box at the bottom of section two that says “Donate in someone’s honor” and fill in the honoree’s details. Both you and the honoree will receive a thank you. You can also write a check with a note explaining who you want to donate in honor of. Email us at info@csemw.org with any questions.

Donate Stocks: 

To donate stock, please email us at info@csemw.org and we will send you the required information. Our policy is to sell the stock once received (we do not hold on to stock).

Make a Bequest: 

You can create a lasting legacy and provide for 350Vermont into the future by including us as a beneficiary in your will or estate plans. A bequest is easy to arrange and is not payable until the donor passes away, so it does not affect assets or cash flow during the donor’s lifetime. It is also private and revocable, since the donor can change provisions in the will or trust at any time, and it is not made public until death.

In-Kind Gifts:

Creative Solutions for the Environment can accept certain in-kind gifts of assets or property. Donors of in-kind gifts valued at $300+ will receive a formal letter of acknowledgment. For more information, please email info@csemw.org.

Business Sponsorships:

Support our work, connect with our network, and show you care about healthy   and resilient people and planet–Become a Sponsor! We offer flexible sponsorship options such as:

  • Sponsor an event or project.
  • Make a donation to CSE.
  • Donate a % of sales of a specific product.
  • Donate a portion of proceeds from an event.

Thank you for considering a gift to Creative Solutions for the Environment! We are deeply grateful for your generosity and commitment to climate justice and empowered communities. Our work, campaigns and capacity building wouldn’t be possible without the support of people like you!