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The people of Balaka and Neno are food insecure all year round (according to report by World resources Centre). Climate change has worsened the food situation in most homes. Over the years, Malawi has suffered the repercussions of floods, drought and dry spells that have negatively affected families and left inadequate food in so many households. When most families were down to one meal a day, CSE provided relief food items to the communities to give them a push in times of need

Malawi in 2020 was also hit hard by Covid-19, a global pandemic that has subsequently spread to all districts in the country.  As one way of alleviating the dreadful effects of the emergency at hand and to stop the further spread of the virus, CSE distributed masks, plastic wash basins and packs of soap to community members of Magombo and Mtengula villages. CSE also conducted awareness meetings with the communities to sensitize them on corvid 19 and its prevention measures.

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